User Guide

How to Create User Account

1. Click "Create Account"

2. Copy the "Student Full Name" and "Student ID" from the 1-to-1 Laptop programme letter (For new students 2024/25) or SMART VLE (For all existing students). Please use your own email address for registration.

From 1-to-1 laptop letter (new students only)

For all existing students 
Simply enter your child's full name and student ID. The student ID could be found under ESF App : SMART VLE > Summary Dashboard > SKEY

To account creation:
3. Click "Create" after filling in all information

How to Place Order

1. Click "All Products" to view products

2. Select product(s) you would like to purchase
3. Choose "Ram" and "Battery" of the ThinkPad X13 and click "Add to cart", you may also choose the "optional items" based on your needs 
4. Click the "Shopping bag" in the upper right corner to check your cart.
Click "Check out" to place order

Payment Process

1.  Fill in the contact infomation and click "Continue to shipping"

2. Click "Continue to payment"


3. Choose your payment method, you may settle the payment in 3 ways:  i) credit card ii) Alipay HK iii) FPS / Bank-in / Cheque

**Pay by Alipay HK: We will send you the payment link through Whatsapp: 9657-0489. Please reply and attach the receipt / screen-cap after settling the payment**


**Pay with FPS / Bank-in / Cheque would get a "Lenovo Causual Toploader T210" for FREE. Please capture the screen (about the transaction) and send to Whatsapp: 9657-0489 for record**

Confirmation and Receipt

1. You will receive a confirmation email after settling the payment.


2. You will also receive a email which attached your receipt in PDF format


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